Join the revolution of taking breaks Amid your long sitting hours

Beating the Blues of a Sedentary Lifestyle, Improving Posture, Decreasing Pain, Kicking Metabolism, Boosting Productivity & Finding Peace

movement and mindfulness breaks program
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 Movement & Mindfulness Breaks Program is a well-researched, tried & tested program.

It starts with explanatory videos on Movement Practices for the body (each body part separately) then comes the explanation of Mindfulness & Breathing Techniques which can be practiced in between long sitting hours.

We don’t leave you here, we have provided 8 Guided Sample Application videos with different time lengths from 15-30minutes. All you need to do is play the video with your preferred time length to take your Movement & Mindfulness Break.

The Movement Practices are recorded in formal attire to make the idea more practical. At the end of the Program you will be able to design your own break customized to your need.



 Movement & Mindfulness is important to us & how sitting is slowly killing us. If you’re someone who is sitting for a long time for your work, study, or have a sedentary lifestyle let it be for any reason then this program is for you. You might already be feeling difficulty with sitting long if not you are bound to experience it soon as we humans are designed to move.

It’s a big commitment to start a new discipline. You aren’t alone who keeps procrastinating that early morning running, yoga, or fails in keeping up the new resolutions for your health. We all do. But these small breaks are a great way to start the change. Also One can not Reverse 10-12 hours of sitting with an hour of movement.

Be proactive than reactive. Let’s not wait as it gets too late.



The human body is not designed for long periods of sitting. From going to office in the car sitting, then sitting there all day to work, coming back & sitting more to relax. We’ve made sitting into an art form.

Sitting slowdowns our metabolism very quickly. Sitting also puts a strain on the neck, lower back, which are not designed to support the body in a sitting position for long periods. However, excess sitting now is linked with many diseases and conditions, including obesity, hypertension, back pain, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and depression are some to name a few.

So, How do we deal with a sedentary lifestyle? Take more breaks.

Taking more effective Movement & Mindfulness breaks are proven to be the best during long sitting and to beat it fully following an active lifestyle is the only answer.

What People Say

I was in search for a teacher, Aman's teachings has helped me a ton. He opened the doors & expanded my horizon. I have blissful experience, his dedication patience & preservance is what inspires people like us to move further.
Priyanka Bhutani
My experience with Movements and Stillness has enriched my life. I have a highly stressful sitting work. Attending Aman's movement and mindfulness breaks workshop was really helpful. I now understand the importance of taking movement breaks during working hours. Practicing mindfulness after a hectic day has helped me balance my stress level. I thank Aman for these wonderful techniques.
Aishwarya Nair
I tried Movement & Mindfulness Breaks Beta Test for two months and its amazing, Its interesting to experience simple practices giving amazing results. Aman's got his style of combining movement and yoga, every session is unique and so much to learn from him. It was initially difficult for me to take breaks, after two weeks of practicing I am enjoying including more movement breaks during my working hours. This program is for all age groups, I personally like it for I can practice in my Work attire. Thanks to Movements & Stillness.


We were born & we started to move. Everything was fine until we got adapted to modern technologies, equipment that is supposed to help us started paralyzing us. We have enough complications already to rethink our lifestyle. 

Movement is a fundamental aspect of life. Its scope is far beyond exercise. Exercise is a modern philosophy while Movement is as old as human evolution. Hunting, gathering, dancing around the fire, walking, climbing, running, jumping, crawling, lifting, swimming, fighting…even sex! An hour of exercise can not undo 12-14 hours of sitting.

Instead, we need to move more & better as part of your everyday life to remain healthy.

Movement affects everything, from circulation to digestion to metabolism to immunity. With movement, our bodies regulate hormone activity, detoxify, and respire.

Movement not only impacts strength and endurance but also our thought processes, emotions, understanding, relationships & decision making. If we move well, we also think, feel, and live well.

Most of us are born with similar movement capabilities but we lose it with a sedentary lifestyle pattern. Let’s Claim it back by moving more & sitting less

What People Say


The program has 5hrs of recorded video. You can watch the Explanatory videos at self-pace and later choose the preferable time length of sample videos to practice.

No, everything is pre-recorded.

Absolutely, as this is the Core Intention to create this program.

No, your change in Lifestyle is a much bigger gift to yourself than our certification.

No, in online one on one coaching we take personal inputs and several other specific programming can be done.

No, you can watch them online.

Please write to us at, our team will get back to you within 24hrs.

No, this program is designed keeping in mind the formal dress at work. Even the Movement Explanation & Most sample application videos are recorded in formal attire.

For acute pains & specific ailments, we recommend personal supervision.

Eventually yes, our program is designed to switch cigarette breaks to movement breaks.