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“What is true stillness? Stillness in movement.”

-Bruce Lee


Movements and Stillness is working passionately with sole purpose of inspiring humans to move better & find connection .  

The greatest irony of modern life is that the two things we need more of are movement and stillness.

It’s important to understand how movement and stillness blend with each other.

We offer Programs, Sessions & Workshops on the subject.


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Aman Kumawat

Certified Yoga Teacher, Mountaineer and Passionate Mover from Jaipur. Aman’s love for Movement has driven him to start Movements and Stillness. He started as a regular kid with schooling then a commerce graduate was preparing for Charted Accountant & MBA as his rest of friends were doing & the professions were in trend, back of his mind something was troubling him constantly. He never imagined himself confined in cubicles around computers & files. Later his exploration took him to different ancient yoga schools of India where for the first time he found connection, purpose & his passion. He found himself home. He got awestruck to learn the ancient techniques of Yoga. He chose his path, took teacher training programs & completed his Masters in Yoga & science of living. While exploring he came across Movement Culture by Ido portal & became part of it then & there. He is actively working for the past five years to help people move better every day making them realize the importance of it, how to maximize productivity, creativity & capabilities while minimizing the unnecessary stress, pains, ailments both mentally & physically by getting helped greatly through Yoga & Movement. He designed Movement & Mindfulness Breaks Program
after finding similar patterns overtime with people following sedentary & looking at the need for it in the present-day at large. He has explained the real practices & techniques which have greatly benefited his clients.

What People Say?

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Want to know what People say?

Aman is an excellent teacher, he has good knowledge over the topic, trained at reputed institute Sivananda Yoga & Vedanta Ashram, Kerala.
I would definitely recommend him
Sonchita Sagar
I was in search for a teacher, Aman's teachings has helped me a ton. He opened the doors & expanded my horizon. I have blissful experience, his dedication patience & preservance is what inspires people like us to move further.
Priyanka Bhutani
Super grateful to Aman for healing my knee & ankle pain. Improving my Strength. I had sitting work most of life which caused me these ailments but his classes & guidance helped me healing now I am moving happily, take my dog for walk everyday & no pain in climbing stairs as well. Thank you.
Sudarshana Naval
My experience with Movements and Stillness has enriched my life. I have a highly stressful sitting work. Attending Aman's movement and mindfulness breaks workshop was really helpful. I now understand the importance of taking movement breaks during working hours. Practicing mindfulness after a hectic day has helped me balance my stress level. I thank Aman for these wonderful techniques.​
Aishwarya Nair
Bank Manager
I have attended Aman's Diabetic Workshop & Pranayama Workshop. Both these Workshops was an amazing experience although it was an online session. I must Thank Aman for explaining every practice in detail, I've started practicing his teachings and I definitely see a lot of changes in myself. ​
Aman is an amazing instructor. Calm inspiring and very helpful through out my practice. Since the beginning I enjoyed his class and also felt I've improved after attending. He's a good master of yoga. I've been practicing for 4 years exploring different masters, I highly recommend to try Amans programs.
Yoga Trainer
I've been attending Aman's One on one session for two years now. Its helped me mentally and Physically. Yoga is now a part of my daily routine. Aman's got his style of combining movement and yoga, every session is unique and so much to learn from him. I see a visible transformation in myself. Thanks to Movements & Stillness.
Wonderful learning experience and training yoga from Master Aman makes me love Yoga even more. I Thank master Aman for a very enjoyable learning process.
testimonial 3
Yoga Trainer
The teacher were very knowledgeable, patient and friendly and made the atmosphere light and fun whilst still educational. It was a pleasure to attend Aman's Arm balancing Workshop, I learnt a lot of new techniques and enjoyed the training throughout the whole training.
Yoga Trainer